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line conditioner (power supply) (LC)

Line conditioners(LC) or power line conditioners( PLC) are stabilization devices that ensure the electrical energy quality(EEQ) of low- voltage networks. They are voltage stabilizers that operate on a magnetic or electronic basis, are equipped with interference voltage filters and surge arresters, and allow up to 25% line voltage fluctuations.

They are used to improve electrical power quality (EEQ) so that the functionality of voltage-sensitive computer systems or electronic controls is not affected by line voltage fluctuations. Line conditioners correct the power factor, work with noise suppression and protect the low-voltage network against transient voltage spikes. They smooth the sinusoidal signal and ensure a constant line voltage in the event of strong load fluctuations.

Power Line Conditioner (PLC), Photo:

Power Line Conditioner (PLC), Photo:

Line conditioners are functionally equivalent to Voltage Regulators( VR), Automatic Voltage Conditioners( AVC), which have an isolation function, and Power Line Conditioners (PLC). Dynamic Voltage Restorers( DVR) have similar functions. Line conditioners can be stand-alone components that have one or more line voltage outputs, but they can also be built into devices and subracks.

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