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optical network termination (access area) (ONT)

Optical Network Termination (ONT) forms the user-side line termination between the optical part of the access network and the user's home network or telephone cabling. It is the end point of Fiber to the Home( FTTH) or Fiber to the Building( FTTB), depending on whether residential or business customers are involved.

The optical network termination is provided by the network operator and converts the optical signals into electrical signals and vice versa. It performs multiplex functions via which the subscriber can receive subscribed services such as Internet TV and streaming services and perform online services such as Internet telephony and video conferencing. Functionally, an Optical Network Ternmination (ONT) corresponds to the Optical Network Unit( ONU). The Optical Network Unit is also known as the Optical Line Distributor( OLD) and forms the Optical Network Termination (ONT). It converts the optical signals into electrical signals. The difference between the two units - ONT and ONU - is that the Optical Network Termination (ONT) is located on the company premises or the premises of the house, while the Optical Network Unit (ONU) is located outside. The Optical Network Termination receives downstream from the Optical Line Termination( OLT) and supports broadband user services for Internet, voice, broadcast TV and video-on-demand.

In a wide variety of building cabling systems, the Optical Network Termination is formed by different functional units. For example, in single-family homes, it may be a Single Family Unit( SFU) or the Multi Dwelling Unit( MDU), which can be compared to an extended SFU unit that forms the optical termination. And in small businesses, the function can be performed by the Single Business Unit( SBU). In Gigabit PONs( GPON), the Optical Network Termination is formed by the Home Gateway Unit( HGU).

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