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next generation eCall (eCall) (NGeCall)

Next Generation eCall (NGeCall) is the successor system to the eCall emergency call system, which at the time operated according to the GSM standard for reasons of area coverage. Since LTE networks now have high coverage, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 5G form the communications technology basis for Next Generation eCall.

In contrast to the classic emergency call system (eCall), the emergency call is made via the IPMultimedia Subsystem ( IMS) of Long Term Evolution (LTE). Telephone emergency calls can be transmitted via Voice over LTE( VoLTE) using this IP-based service access technology. In the event of an accident, an emergency call with the European emergency number 112 is automatically placed via the activated airbag or manually via the emergency button and transmitted to the LTE radio base station, eNodeB, using the Session Initiation Protocol( SIP) and the Session Description Protocol ( SDP). During the call setup, the NGeCall transmits the Minimum Set of Data( MSD) containing key time information, location information, vehicle information, and accident information. This dataset could be extended to include driver health data. The LTE base station forwards the emergency call and the MSD data set to the PSAP and establishes a voice channel between the accident vehicle and the PSAP. Optionally, videos could also be transmitted via which the emergency call center could get a picture of the situation on site.

The NGeCall standard consists of several emergency call specifications that relate to the emergency session, to the session and description protocols, to pan-European emergency calls, to the IMS switching system, and to the end-to-end conformance of the IMS system.

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