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public safety answering point (eCall) (PSAP)

The emergency call center of the eCall emergency call system is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). It receives emergency calls under the emergency number 112 from eCall devices and In-Vehicle Systems( IVS).

Emergency call center, photo: sos-gmbh-online

Emergency call center, photo: sos-gmbh-online

Based on the special flag that is transmitted as the first signal, the emergency call center recognizes that it is an emergency call from an eCall system. The emergency call center can enter into voice communication with the eCall device via the connection established by the eCall device over fixed and mobile networks and show the minimum set of data ( MSD) transmitted by the eCall device - time of accident, vehicle position, direction of travel, vehicle type, drive type - on displays.

If the minimum set of data is received without errors, the emergency call center sends a positive confirmation to the in-vehicle system (IVS).

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