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media transfer protocol (MTP)

The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is a connection protocol for Portable Media Players( PMP) and an extension of the Picture Transfer Protocol( PTP) in terms of communication with other devices.

While the PTP protocol was developed for downloading photographs from digital cameras, the MTP protocol is suitable for transferring music files to audio players and video files to portable media players.

The MTP protocol, developed by Microsoft and Canon, is part of the Windows Media Framework and is related to Windows Media Player(WMP). Windows XP supports version 10 or later of Windows Media Player. MTP and PTP devices are mutually compatible. So MTP devices can work as PTP devices and vice versa. In Picture Transfer Protocol all data is represented by objects, where individual objects are characterized by their properties.

The Media Transfer Protocol is supported by many operating systems, such as WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X and Symbian.

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