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Symbian is a company founded by the Psion, Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola companies that develops the Epoc operating system. The operating system developed by Symbian is called Symbian OS and corresponds to Epoc Release x (ERx).

Symbian OS was developed as a smartphone operating system for mobile communication needs and is used in smartphones such as Nokia's Communicator. It targets the needs of modern mobile voice communication, image communication and data communication, whose mobile devices combine the features of PDAs and cell phones, i.e. telephone and organizer functions.

The Symbian operating system meets these specific requirements by offering possibilities for individual device customization and an open platform for third-party software. In addition, Symbian OS offers preemptive multitasking, multithreading and memory management.

With its open platform, Symbian supports traditional standards such as Unicode for internationalization, a POSIXAPI and Java, as well as open communication standards such as TCP/ IP, Post Office Protocol (POP3), Internet Message Access Protocol ( IMAP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP), MultimediaMessaging Service ( MMS), Object Exchange( OBEX), Bluetooth, Infrared Data Association ( IrDA), the Wireless Application Protocol( WAP), i-Mode and the SyncML initiative.

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