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keyword density

Search engine optimization(SEO) is influenced by keywords, by their exact spelling, by keyword proximity, keyword prominence and keyword density or keyword frequency.

Keyword Density is the density of keywords. It describes the frequency with which a keyword occurs in relation to other keywords within a text indexed by search engines. It is the percentage of the keyword in relation to the total word count of a text. If a text consists of 100 words in which the keyword appears six times, then the keyword density is 6%.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

The keyword density is included in RankingIndex. It should not be too high, because this could be interpreted by search engines as keyword stuff ing, which can lead to the website being penalized. In keyword stuffing, the website owner stuffs as many keywords as possible into the content, sometimes even writing the same keyword several times in a row, in such a way that the user cannot recognize it. But the crawlers can.

There are no concrete values for the right keyword density, at most guidelines that say that a keyword density of 20% should not be exceeded. The keyword density can be determined with appropriate tools.

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