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The term stuffing is used for full stuffing or filler. Stuffing methods are used in protocol technology for filling data fields with informationless binary characters. Web pages can also be stuffed with keywords in search engine optimization. This is then referred to as keyword stuffing. And the term stuffing is also used for cyber attacks, namely in credential stuffing

When data fields are stuffed, a distinction is made between bit stuffing and character stuffing. Bit stuffing involves the insertion of additional bits, while character stuffing involves the insertion of additional characters into a data field or data frame. This avoids misinterpretation of the transmitted data blocks.

Inkeyword stuffing, which is used in search engine optimization, the search word density is increased by inserted keywords. Through stuffing, the corresponding website receives more search words and is thus better placed in the search engine ranking. Keyword stuffing only makes sense if it does not affect the semantics of the text. It makes little sense for a dog food website to stuff the dog food text with the word computer. Keyword stuffing can be used in the normal body text, but it can also be used on texts that the user does not see such as the metadata, anchor texts and link texts.

Keyword stuffing is one of the black-hat techniques, where the guidelines of search engine operators are disregarded. When a search engine detects such stuffing, the corresponding website is downgraded in the search indexes.

Credential stuffing is a cyberattack in which credentials and other credentials are stolen in one service and applied in another service related to the original service. The attacker can use the credential information to log into a third-party service and assume the identification of a third party.

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