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Hyperautomation a term coined by consulting firm Gartner - is a form of process automation that expands the boundaries of individual processes. The key intelligent functions of hyperautomation include the advanced technologies of robotic process automation( RPA), machine learning( ML) and artificial intelligence( AI).

Hyperautomation is about automating complex business processes formed from individual processes. Unlike classical automation, whose programs are programmed for specific tasks, hyperautomation uses more tools and more intelligence, which allows companies to automate their business and work processes flexibly, quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the aforementioned intelligent tools, hyperautomation also employs decision management and business process management techniques. Integration Platform as a Service( iPaaS) and Insight Engines are used as integration platforms. With the intelligence of the three critical components, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation, hyperautomation can perform repetitive tasks with a high volume of data.

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