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In addition to web apps, other platform-independent mobile apps include cross-platform apps and hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are combined apps. They consist of native apps and web apps.

Native apps are developed for specific platforms, while web apps are developed for multiple platforms. While native apps are installed on the computer, web apps are provided by a web browser. Functionally, Hybrid Apps are a combination of Native Apps and Web Apps and run under the respective smartphone browser. Hybrid apps have the advantage of running on smartphones, tablets, and personalcomputers, under different operating systems. The source code of hybrid apps can be used across platforms. In addition, they can access the computer programs of the end devices.

Hybrid apps combine the advantages of both technologies. Thus, through native apps, native applications can use the advantages of device hardware such as the digital camera or positioning via the GPS system, and on the other hand, through the web apps, the communication possibilities of the Internet and the provided web services.

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