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The English word browse means something like "to browse in a book". Adapted to the technical term known as a web browser, it means browsing the Internet. It is a navigation program that interprets and displays HTML(HypertextMarkup Language) documents on the Internet.

The development of browsers started from text-based user interfaces, to which the graphical user interfaces, on which video sequences could also be displayed, were later added. The web browser can be used to access and display files on the World Wide Web(WWW). To do this, the web browser starts an HTTP header with a request to the web server. In response, the web server sends an HTTP response containing the requested files and documents in HTML, JavaScript or as Cascading Style Sheets( CSS). The data received by the browser is interpreted and displayed to the user via the user interface.

Communication between browser and web server

Communication between browser and web server

Navigation programs are easy to use and provide a quick overview of large data sets via the graphical display.

In addition to the navigation function, web browsers offer further communication tools for e-mails and file transfer, for bookmarks, for calling up previously selected websites and for search engines. Furthermore, web browsers fulfill important security functions and protect data and identities against phishing, spyware, malware, viruses and spam.

Popular web browsers include Netscape Navigator, Mosaic, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge, Google's Chrome, Opera, Apple's Safari, Firefox in their various versions, Tor browser and various others.

In addition to web browsers for the World Wide Web (WWW), such navigation programs are also available for the smaller screens of mobile devices and smartphones that work with the WAP protocol. The corresponding browsers are called WAP browsers, mobile brows ers and smartphone browsers. The WAP browsers allow Internet-enabled cell phones to display the pages created with the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Smartphone browsers, on the other hand, support Extensible Hypertext Markup Language( XHTML).

Protocols and services of browsers

Protocols and services of browsers

Special specs of graphical browsers are planetary browsers like Google Maps, which are online mapping services that connect the virtual world with the real world. Also, 3D browsers like Apple's HotSauce for navigation in virtual three-dimensional space.

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