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The terms positioning and localization are often used synonymously, but they differ in detail. Positioning, for example, uniquely defines the location of objects or persons in a geographic coordinate system. In contrast, positioning is based on GPS coordinates. These are important when third parties or search services need to be informed of the GPS coordinates determined.

For example, if a hiker is injured and needs help, he can use the appropriate equipment - navigation device, smartphone with GPS - to clearly determine his geographic position. Only when he communicates the position data to third parties via a GSM module or the smartphone does it become positioning.

However, positioning does not only refer to open spaces and roads, which work by means of GPS positioning and mobile phone-basednavigation. Positioning is also possible inside buildings using WLAN-based technology such as the WLAN Positioning System( WPS) or the Realtime Location System( RTLS). This in-house technology supports the efficient use of technical and medical equipment, which can be made available without much loss of time by means of position determination.

Position accuracy of different navigation systems

Position accuracy of different navigation systems

Bluetooth works with another technology, beacons. Beacons are mini transmitters with low transmitting power, which are installed in larger rooms, stores or halls. With Bluetooth 5, beacon technology can be used to determine the location of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones fairly accurately. As a result, the method can be used for proximity marketing to support sales.

In geographic positioning, the exact position is calculated by geometric methods of trigonometry and converted into the geographic coordinate system. By specifying the latitude and longitude, the objects and persons are clearly defined in their position.

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