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Smartphone browsers are navigation tools for smartphones that can be used to navigate the Internet. They are also referred to as mobile web browsers. Since the displays of smartphones are much smaller and often have lower resolutions than those of desktops, web browsers must be equipped with special tools that support comfortable browsing. In addition, the presentation of web content must be adapted to the smaller display.

To give the user of a smartphone browser an overall impression of the website, it can be displayed in full. Detailed displays are supported via zoom functions with window displays.

For example, Microsoft's Deepfish, which worked under Windows Mobile, calculated an entire web page down to the display format of the smartphone and displayed it in a special rendering. The desired area within the web page could be selected and enlarged via zooming. The web browser installed on Windows Phone is Internet Explorer Mobile.

Display with smartphone browser minimo, screenshot:

Display with smartphone browser minimo, screenshot:

Apple, on the other hand, works on the iPhone browserSafari without prior rendering and displays the web pages as on the desktop. The position of the iPhone determines whether the display should be landscape or portrait. Zooming to details is triggered by tapping on images or texts. The iPhone browser works with RSS feeds and has a permanently integrated search engine bar.

Opera 's mobile variants are Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, which have comparable functions to the other smartphone browsers. Opera Mobile runs on Windows Mobile and uses a small-screen rendering and several subwindows for the display. It also offers social bookmarking, tab browsing, Cascading Style Sheet( CSS), RSS feeds and a high security standard with Secure Socket Layer( SSL). Other providers also support HTML browsing on smartphones and cell phones. The RIM browserTeashark, which can be installed on all Java-based cell phones, and WebKit are worth mentioning.

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