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fax server

A fax server is a network component in a local area network through which computer users can send and receive facsimiles. Fax servers consist of a computer with a network connection, the fax program, a fax modem, and an Internet connection, or they are connected to the telecommunications network.

Incoming facsimiles are stored as graphic files, usually in TIFF file format, in the fax server and can be forwarded from it to the appropriate computer or retrieved from the computers. Outgoing facsimiles are created by PC users at their computers as text documents, graphics or as scanned documents and can be sent directly from there. They can also be stored in the fax server and sent from it at a later time.

Fax server features include phone number mapping so that facsimiles are routed directly to the appropriate department or assigned computer, support for many channels, forwarding faxes in PDF file format to an email account, sending serial faxes over the telephone network, ISDN network or the Internet, creating and managing an address book, log file capture and delayed fax sending.

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