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direct power injection (EMC) (DPI)

EMC testing of electronic components and integrated circuits( IC) is extremely difficult due to their small dimensions, especially since the connections are not efficient antennas for high frequencies below 1 GHz. In practice, RF interference is picked up by wire harnesses and printed circuit boards and reaches the pins of the integrated circuits. To be able to reproduce this in the laboratory, the DPI(Direct Power Injection) method was developed. With this method, each individual pin of an IC can be tested for its susceptibility to interference.

The DPI method reproduces RF interference as it is generated by RF coupling of cables or antenna-like structures of the circuits. For this purpose, an amplified RF disturbance is injected directly into single or multiple pins of the integrated circuit under test. The type of decoupling of the RF disturbance, which occurs on the power supply line, can be used to mimic certain working conditions of the integrated circuit, such as those of the impedance or frequency range. The fault evaluation is application specific. The caused faults can be phase faults or timing faults, but also functional faults or frequency dependencies.

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