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color code

In color codes, numbers, powers or general identifiers are assigned to the various colors. Color codes are used where there is not enough space for a sequence of numbers or letters, or where optical or electrical conductors are assigned to a specific pin assignment.

  1. Color coding has been standardized by various institutions, including the Electronics Industry Association( EIA), DIN and the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC), for the uniform identification of metallic cables and optical fib ers.
    FOC color codes according to IEC 304 and DIN 47 002

    FOC color codes according to IEC 304 and DIN 47 002

    In the color codes for metallic cores, the insulation of the core pairs is colored in completely different colors for the individual standards. In addition to these standards, which are not consistently applied by manufacturers, they also frequently use manufacturers' own color codes.
  2. FO cables and optical fibers are also color-coded for identification purposes. Thus, outdoor FO cables have a black cable jacket and indoor FO cables have a color code. Monomode fibers have a yellow cable sheath and multimode fibers have an orange sheath.
    FO indoor cable, orange cable: OM1 and OM2, yellow cable: monomode, photo: OS class

    FO indoor cable, orange cable: OM1 and OM2, yellow cable: monomode, photo: OS class

    As far as the optical fibers are concerned, there are twelve colors because the loose tubes often have twelve optical fibers. Microducts use the same color code.
  3. The Telecommunications Industry Association( TIA) has also standardized the colors for fiber optic connectors. Whereas previously the colors orange, black or gray were used for multimode connectors and yellow for single- mode connectors, the TIA 568 standard for the FO connector standardizes beige for multimode fibers, blue for single-mode fibers and green for APC connectors.
  4. Color codes are also used to identify resistors, capacitors and inductors.
    Color code for resistor values

    Color code for resistor values

    Wire-terminated resistors have multiple colored rings for the resistor value, its prefix, and the resistor tolerance. Capacitors, like resistors, can also have multiple color rings. Here, too, the first colors stand for the capacitance value, the following ones for the power of ten, the tolerance of the indicated capacitance and the dielectric strength.
  5. Inaudio and video technology, RCA connectors are color-coded. There is a slight overlap between the different video signals, composite video and component video.
  6. In hearing aids, the hearing aid batteries are identified by color codes. For the different button cells, there are five different color codes with which different sizes and battery capacities are identified.
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