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automated driving system (automotive) (ADS)

Automated Driving System(ADS) refers to a vehicle that is controlled in a highly automated manner. It is a complex combination of various influences on the perception, decision-making and operation of an automobile by electronics and machines

A fully automated driving system is when the electronics and automation take over the monitoring functions on the road and steer the vehicle from one place to another instead of the driver without human intervention. In such a driving system, control and all responsibilities are left to the system. The objective of autonomous driving is pursued through individual automated control functions that together form an integrated overall package. These control functions include various components of driver assistance systems such as the lane departure warningsystem, lane departure warning and lane change assistant, parking assistant, automatic distance control, adapted cruise control, traffic sign recognition, pedestrian collision warning system, and several others.

The six SAE levels

The six SAE levels

Automated driving systems are designed to improve safety and mobility on the road. The Society of Automotive Engineers( SAE) has used the defined SAE levels to define the step-by-step evolution from driver-controlled automobiles through various levels of automation to autonomous driving. In these definitions, human monitoring and control is phased out until human intervention is no longer required and the automation system takes over all functions.

Technologies included in the development include light automated driving functions as described under SAE Level 3. Furthermore, the highly automated vehicles described under SAE level 4, which under certain circumstances perform all driving functions themselves and monitor the driving environment, and last but not least, the systems for autonomous driving described under SAE level 5.

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