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society of automotive engineers (SAE)

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is an automotive engineering association with over 80,000 members in nearly 100 countries. They are engineers, sales people, training personnel and also students who exchange information among themselves on the subject of mobility technologies.

The SAE organization develops SAE standards, organizes congresses and training courses, and provides technical information for the development, design, maintenance and operation of land-, sea- and air-based transportation systems. Among the best-known SAE standards are various field buses for trucks such as the J1708 bus, the J1850 busand theSAE J1939ArticleID="17209" ArticleURL=" J1939-Bus" ArticleTitle="J1939-Bus">J1939 bus, as well as the SAE J2954 standard for wireless power transfer(WPT) charging of electric vehicles. In addition, the various requirements for communication systems have been divided into SAE classes, and for autonomous driving with an Automated Driving System( ADS), the organization has defined the SAE standard J3016 with the six SAE levels.

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