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lane change assistant (LCA)

Like the lane departure warning system (SWA), the lane change assistant is designed to enhance driving safety. It warns the driver of possible collisions when the vehicle changes lanes.

Lane change assistants work with various radar systems such as short-range radar( SRR) and long-range radar( LRR), laser scanners and cameras. Radar sensors operate in the 77 GHz band and, for some years now, also in the 24 GHz band. Inautomotive technology, they provide environmental information in a range of up to 250 m. They are used to detect objects - such as lanes - and also people.

In addition to oncoming vehicles, the lane change assistant focuses on whether there is a motor vehicle in the adjacent lane and how fast it is approaching.

The task of the lane change assistant is to clearly assign the problem, to initiate a recognizable warning that is assignable in all traffic conditions and to trigger a warning signal that attracts appropriate attention. Such a lane change assistant can trigger a visual, acoustic or haptic warning signal in the event of danger. The latter can take the form of steering wheel vibration, for example.

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