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application sharing (AS)

Application Sharing(AS) is a process in which two or more participants cooperate with each other via remote access and share an application or simultaneously edit a document. The remote access can take place via X-Windows, Virtual Network Computing( VNC) or via another protocol. Such application sharing is used for telephone conferences, video conferences and web conferences.

Users can work on a common desktop using desktop sharing. They see not only a single application, but the complete screen display. In application sharing, depending on the concept, the program is started on the computer of one participant, who then acts as a server for the other participants. Application sharing is also the term used when companies, suppliers or users have access to a shared application via the Internet.

However, application sharing only affects selected applications and is performed via the Application Sharing Conference Entity (ASCE), which interacts with the user application and the Multipoint Communication Service( MCS) and Generic Conference Control (GCC). In this process, data is exchanged between the Application Sharing Conference Entity and the Application Sharing Protocol Data Unit (ASPDU).

TheITU recommendationH.323 describes protocols for telephone conferences over packet-switched networks.

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