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The term anomaly is used in connection with its detection in networks. Anomaly detection is a method of security with which deviations in the traffic flow are detected, registered and reported. Anomaly detection is used in Network Behavior Anomaly Detection( NBAD).

Anomalies are completely different in their symptoms and their effects. They can indicate faulty transmissions or connections, incomplete data packets, or security vulnerabilities. Symptoms show changes in bandwidth patterns, inconsistent traffic patterns, changed server behavior, capacity bottlenecks, communication changes of network nodes, policy violations and many more. Rule violations in particular, which are unique identifiers for attacks, are superior to an intrusion detection system (IDSD).

By detecting anomalies in networks, threats can be identified and detected. With this method, malware and cyberattacks can be detected and eliminated. In addition, with anomaly detection, the administrator can detect when employees and users access applications without authorization.

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