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InIT, a system administrator or administrator is a person who manages a multi- user system and ensures optimal performance and continuous operation of all networks and systems. Depending on the specialization and size of the IT department, a system administrator may also be a network administrator, data center administrator, server administrator, or database administrator.

The system administrator manages the users and the user accounts, he is also responsible for the maintenance of the system or a subsystem with the hardware and software, for updating the software, for the availability of the network, servers and other network components, for the planning and integration of extensions, the installation of user programs, the provision ofservices and much more. The entire work spectrum of the system administrator ranges from the end users' destops, through the corporate networks, the local area networks( LAN), the wireless networks and WLANs, the wide area networks, to the data centers and the clouds.

A key aspect is the availability and reliability of the networks, where, depending on the size of the network, a system or network failure can cause incalculable costs.

Administrators assign access rights. Which user may access and use which system and network resources? To which security level should the respective user be assigned? He himself has extended access rights to network resources and services. In addition, he or she must create backups and perform maintenance and installation of new network components and programs.

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