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M2 connector

The M8 connector is a three- or four-pole circular connector for industrial use. It is about 30% smaller than the M12 connector and can be mounted directly on the printed circuit board.

Miniaturization plays an essential rolein industrial applications. This means that the M8 connector can also be used with sensors, actuators, video cameras and other small network components in the Industrial Internet of Things( IIoT).

Four-pole M8 round plug with screw cap, photo:

Four-pole M8 round plug with screw cap, photo:

The M8 connector is available with different codings. In the classic version, the connector face is asymmetrical; the plug contacts do not have the same distance from each other. In addition, there is the M8-D connector. In this symmetrical D-coded M8 connector, the distance between the four plug contacts is the same, which reduces near-end crosstalk.

The M8 and M8-D connectors have the same robust metal housing with screw locking and continuous shielding. The protection class is IP67. The data rates are 100 Mbit/s. The classic variant is suitable for sensor- actuator networks and fieldbuses, the D variant is for networks such as Fast Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet. It supports Power over Ethernet( PoE) and can supply the network components with voltage via it.

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