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LED display

LED displays are flat screens consisting of many light-emitting diodes. They are characterized by high brightness and can be used equally in living areas, halls, halls and also outdoors in high ambient light. They are not limited in terms of screen size. They can be used in small devices, in televisions, but also in large screens with ten or more square meters of display area.

LED displays consist of individual light-emitting diodes that are combined into pixels in smaller LED modules and assembled to form a larger display. They can be used for all visual displays. Thus for the display of text, photos, graphics, animations, films and videos. The display includes all grayscales and the complete color palette with 16 million colors at 8-bitcolor depth for each primary color. Their luminous efficiency is up to 8,000 cd/m2 and as far as resolution is concerned, displays in Ultra High Definition( UHD) in the 4K standard are possible with a low dot pitch of 0.6 mm.

LED displays are mainly used in televisions, video walls, electronic billboards, projection screens, large screens, information displays and advertising displays.

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