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color palette

A color palette represents the color resolution possibilities of displays and other output devices. It tries to come as close as possible to the color resolution of the human eye.

Example of a color palette in Corel PhotoPaint

Example of a color palette in Corel PhotoPaint

The human eye can distinguish 2.4 million colors. With some color models such as the CMYK color model or with the light colors of magenta, cyan, gray, red, green and blue, up to 800,000 color differences can be printed. It is different with offset printing according to CMYK, with which 400,000 distinguishable color nuances can be represented. In contrast, with Adobe, 1,300,000 colors can be represented in red, green, blue( RGB); with Wide-Gamut, even 1,500,000.

In all color models, the color palettes are specified by the graphics programs and illustrate the color display nuances in the form of the color depth. Color palettes are formed from the assignment of the color index to a color value and offered to the user in the graphics program. This allows computer systems to support more colors than the actual color representation allows.

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