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IP private branch exchange (IP-PBX)

An IP- PBX, Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, is a private IP-based private branch exchange in a company. Internal and external Internet telephony( VoIP) calls are switched via such an IP PBX. Corresponding systems can also switch telephone calls between VoiP users and users with conventional connections such as ISDN or analog connections.

While a conventional PBX requires separate networks for voice and data transmission, a key advantage of IP PBXs is that they switch converged data and voice networks and all types of traffic:voice, audio, video, data and instant messaging. This simplifies switching technologies and allows for flexible expansion.

Hipath BizIP IP PBX from Siemens

Hipath BizIP IP PBX from Siemens

An IP PBX can be implemented in hardware or software. It supports computer telephony integration( CTI) and conference calls, remote procedure calls( RPC), interactive voice response( IVR) and voice conversions such as text-to- speech and automatic speech recognition( ASR).

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