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DECToIP(DECT over IP) is a variant of Time Division Multiplexing over IP( TDMoIP). This technology for tunnelingTDM data streams through IP networks allows DECT phones to be integrated into and share the infrastructure ofWLANs.

Since the voice data remains in the TDM data stream and is not directly packaged in IP packets, the infrastructure requirements are considerable. With the standardized DECT-over-IP technology, local radio cells can be set up with the DECT standard for cordless telephony in companies. This technology has a high voice quality and allows the connection of different DECT phones in one radio cell with handover.



In the DECT-over- IP network, the fixed station connected to the local networks forms the DECT Access Point( DAP). Since DAP stations can be connected to the entire corporate network, it can be used for company-wide voice communication. Communication control is handled by a DAP controller, which controls the DAP stations and the VoIP server.

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