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data stream

A bit serial data stream is a bit stream consisting of different sequences of zeros and ones. Such a bit stream, which is passed without interpretation over any transmission medium or logical channel, is the amount of data that is created, transmitted or processed in a given unit of time.

The data stream depends on the information content. Since direct transmission of a bit stream over a transmission medium is technically problematic - for example, the average signal level may shift - bit streams are encoded for transmission.

As mentioned, the bit stream is dependent on the information content. This means that it is relatively high for digital video, for example, and depends on the image resolution. It is calculated from the sampling rate and the quantization. For example, for the ITU file formatBT.601 with a color subsampling of 4:2:2, for the luminance (Y) from the sampling rate of 13.5 MHz and the sampling depth of 8 bit, a data stream of 108 Mbit/s results. Taking into account the two chrominance signals, each of which is set at half the sampling frequency, the total data stream for a YUV signal cumulates to 216 Mbit/s. This data rate applies to an uncompressed video signal according to the PAL television standard with 50 Hzframe rate and 625 lines.

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