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system integration

System integration is changing with application requirements from the integration of discrete components to integrated systems that are integrated in the application. Products are merging with integrated electronics. Integration techniques of microelectronics, microsystem technology or power electronics are already known and widely used.

The well-known advantages of system integration based on microtechnology are increasingly being used in energy, security, medical and automotive technology, as well as in sensor technology or in devices for mobile communications technology and consumer electronics.

As can be seen from the example of the energy turnaround, system integration involves connecting a wide variety of energy-generating systems - power plants, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, storage power plants, etc. - with energy- transmission systems. - with energy-transmitting systems - high- voltage power lines, high-voltage DC transmission systems, low-voltage grids, transformer stations - and energy-consuming devices and systems - production plants, data centers, buildings, household appliances, city lighting, etc. - to form a centrally managed network control system. - into a centrally managed grid control system with energy management.

In other future fields such as health monitoring, cloud computing, data centers, optical networks or mobile networks, system integration is progressing in a similar way.

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