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sensor technology

Sensor technology is the generic term for all perceptual processes. In the context of, the focus is on the technical manifestation of the term sensor technology. In this context, it is measurement technology, control technology and control engineering and their functional elements. These functional elements, which include sensors, converters, amplifiers and actuators, are used for signal acquisition, signal processing and signal conversion.

Sensor technology affects many technical, environmental, biological and ecological aspects. It includes the acquisition and conversion of physical quantities into electrical signals, the adaptation, conditioning and conversion of the acquired signals so that they can be standardized and processed, and the control of control mechanisms via actuators. It makes use of modern communication techniques and systems to interconnect the functional components. This can be done via fieldbuses, special radio networks such as ZigBee, via LANs and WLANs.

The miniaturization of sensor technology has coined the term microsensor technology, which includes microsensors and nanosensors. This term has been coined by microelectronics, microsystems technology and IC technology.

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