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surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras are cameras for monitoring public streets, squares, halls and sensitive facilities such as ATMs in banks, but also for monitoring private properties, buildings and facilities, and can be integrated into alarm systems

. Surveillance cameras can be

used in video surveillance

of buildings, for traffic monitoring, traffic control and people control, and are designed to protect public and private property, prevent damage to it, prevent crime and help solve crimes. They can be used to monitor properties and identify criminals where possible. Images and video sequences captured by surveillance cameras are stored and analyzed electronically and are available to other departments through security agency networks. Surveillance cameras are fixed, motor-controlled video cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom, - Pan Tilt Zoom

(PTZ) - to capture faces of individuals in a group of people.

Surveillance cameras in CCTV in a public place

Surveillance cameras in CCTV in a public place

In terms of connectivity, surveillance cameras can be wired or wirelessly connected via radio links or WLANs. Protocol-wise, they can be connected via the IP protocol and the Internet, for which IP cameras

are available. So that images can also be captured at night, night vision cameras or infrared cameras are also used. Thelatter work in the near-infrared range and illuminate the detection area of the IR camera with infrared light

, which cannot be perceived by humans. In public areas, the recordings of surveillance cameras are evaluated directly on monitor walls and control mechanisms, such as traffic light phases or police barriers, are used to try to remedy the impairments.

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