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industrial robot (IR)

Industrial robots are robots that support automation in Industry 4.0. They are complex robots that perform specific tasks in manufacturing. Industrial robots can be painting robots, welding robots, assembly robots, deburring robots and some others.

Industrial robots are single or multi-armed machines fixed on the floor of the production hall, which can grip the workpieces, rotate and position them in several degrees of freedom. The robot arm is called a manipulator and consists of several segments connected by swivel joints. The end of the arm is formed by the end effector. This can be a gripper or a tool, for example a spray gun, a deburring tool or any other tool....

Industrial robot, photo:

Industrial robot, photo:

On the one hand, the sequence of movements and the rotary motions are predefined by the program, and on the other hand, the movements are controlled and corrected by the feedback from the sensors. If there is a risk that a workpiece will collide with another or come into contact with a person, then non-contact proximity sensors and collision sensors ensure that the movement is corrected or the production step is switched off. Collision sensors send a signal to the robot controller before or during a collision so that the robot avoids the collision or stops before or during a collision.

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