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In robotronics, a manipulator is a mechanism consisting of multiple segments connected together. A typical manipulator is a robot arm.

Manipulators are programmable and multifunctional. The final element of the manipulator is the end effector. This allows manipulators to perform a variety of tasks. For example, they can grasp objects, move them, place them in a predetermined manner, and return them to their resting position. This function is called pick-and-place and is controlled by feedback sensors that provide feedback to the robot controller.

Robot arm, photo:

Robot arm, photo:

The individual segments of a manipulator grip and slide into each other. Their movements have several degrees of freedom. These are based on the various rotating joints and the three-dimensional arm movements. The control of a manipulator can be done by an operator or a programmable electronic controller and is defined in ISO 8373.

In Cartesian manipulators, the movement of the robot arm is controlled by prismatic joints along the three Cartesian coordinates X, Y, and Z. The movement of the robot arm is controlled by a prismatic joint. This creates the envelope of a limited space, which is secured by limiting devices.

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