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social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC)

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) characterize a trend that is decisive for the strategy of IT companies. The four topics of social, mobile, analytics and cloud together determine the objectives of the IT industry, with which it aligns its products and services to customer needs.

Each individual topic area stands for a current trend: for social media and the associated social software, for mobile computing and mobile apps, for data analysis, social analytics and business analysis and, last but not least, for the cloud and cloud computing with its many facets.

Social: With the social media platformsTwitter, Facebook and Snapchat and others, companies are opening up new customer groups with whom they interact, communicate and use for their acquisition.

Mobile: Mobile communication and mobile computing form the basis for new business models and services. Consumers can receive offers for products and services at any time and in any place and make their purchasing decisions on the spot. The data generated in this process is important for further marketing concepts.

Analysis: Analysis is another crucial aspect for understanding consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. It involves the analysis of large amounts of data, Big Data analysis, and business analytics. Who bought which product, when and where, and what factors influenced the decision-making process. Furthermore, conclusions can be drawn for future purchasing decisions.

Cloud: In the context of the three previously mentioned aspects, cloud computing offers a flexible strategy with which companies can react quickly and flexibly to market changes and access important data. With cloud technologies, new infrastructures and platforms can be built.

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