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Social software is software that serves the communication of people with each other and their collaboration. With the development of Web 2.0 and the many new collaborative techniques and social connections associated with it, social software has joined all Internet-basedservices after weblogs, newsgroups, and wikis. It is about collaboration; about the interaction, relationships, behavior and buying habits of people with each other, communities and social networks with their social media.

In the early stages, social software dealt with topics such as instant messaging( IM), podcasts, feeds and videocasts; due to the evolution of the Web towards Web 2.0, social software has increasingly opened up to commercial areas such as collaborative commerce, business concepts and social applications.

Areas of application for social software

Areas of application for social software

It is about the relationship of people to other people, of people to a community and about the relationship of communities to each other. Individuals contribute to these types of communication by posting comments on blogs, adding content, posting images, photos and videos, web conferencing, sharing ideas, recommendations and advice, for example, social shopping, etc.

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