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business analytics (BA)

Business analytics(BA) is an analytical method for corporate management. In this process, business transactions that have been carried out are analyzed, statistically processed, evaluated and conclusions are drawn about future decisions and procedures.

The analytical evaluation of business processes questions the reason why a business transaction has taken place in such or such a way and how decisions that have led to it can be prevented or improved. In contrast to business analytics, business intelligence( BI) is concerned with the time of the final decision, the person making the decision, and the consequences of the decision.

Business Analytics (BA) uses existing data material from the company's own data warehouse or data mart and analyzes it by means of data mining in order to be able to read out certain patterns and correlations from the data. Visual analytics is used to visually represent complex data sets and the resulting trends. Business analytics is about reviewing previous decisions, supporting decision-making processes, and predictive analytics, which can be used to forecast future results.

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