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Generally speaking, a segment is a section, portion or part of a network. In the context of, the term is used in a wide variety of technologies, for example in satellite transmission where it is a matter of ground segments and space segments, or in local networks where one speaks of network or LAN segments or link segments and thus means installation-related network sections, transmission sections or collision domains

, or in data technology where one speaks of data segments. In network technology

and ininternetworking, segments can transport different data traffic and each of them can be secured against unauthorized access by appropriate security measures. They can be connected to each other via bridges, routers and switches to form a complete network. To increase the data rate, network segments can be reduced down to the backplane of routers or switches. On the other hand, large network segments

can increase the network size. In satellite communication, the segments are assigned geographically and to the orbit.

Therefore, they are referred to as ground segments and space segments. While space segments describe the satellites in orbit, their orbital characteristics such as orbits and orbital altitudes, transponders, antennas and carrier frequencies, ground segments describe the communications equipment of the ground station, i.e. directional antennas and transmitting and receiving equipment.

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