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navigation (NAV)

  1. Navigation is a human-computer interaction for selecting programs and files. This type of navigation refers to the graphical user interface( GUI) of a computer and its screen display. Using displayed, selectable buttons and pictograms, the operator can call up programs and fill them with content.
  2. Navigation describes the continuous linking between documents on the Internet using hyperlinks or other document links. The corresponding tools for searching in multimedia content are called navigation tools. In order to trace the history of these arbitrary links, navigation is documented in web clients. Well-known navigators are the web browser from Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and the Internet Explorer( IE) from Microsoft.
  3. Navigation is the determination of the way from a place to a destination. Such network-specific services are supported by satellite navigation, WLAN and cell phone navigation and are shown on the display of the navigation device, smartphones or cell phones.In mobile networks, the location and positioning of the mobile subscriber is also used to offer location-based services( LBS) to the cell phone user(cinema, restaurants, museums) and to make an emergency call in the event of an emergency, indicating the location for rescue measures. For future navigation, DARPA is developing the PNT system, which stands for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT).
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