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plastic card

Plastic cards is the generic term for all ID1 format identity cards made of plastic, usually polyvinyl chloride( PVC). These can be those with magnetic stripes, such as the magnetic stripe card, with microprocessors such as chip cards or smart cards, or contactless chip cards such as RFID cards, In addition, there are also plastic cards that are equipped with a memory.

Plastic cards are available in standardized formats as ID1 cards, ID2 cards and ID3 cards. The smallest of the mentioned plastic cards is the ID1 card with a size of 85 mm x 54 mm and a thickness between 0.3 mm and 1.5 mm. The other cards are larger. Thus, the ID2 card has a size of 105 mm x 74 mm and the ID3 card one of 124.8 mm x 87.8 mm. With the ID00 card and the ID000 card there are also plastic cards that are smaller than the ID1 card.

Plastic card formats

Plastic card formats

Plastic cards are printed by plastic card printers in multiple colors and laminated with an additional coating. This overcoat forms a protective layer that protects the plastic card from damage and scratching.

In addition, plastic cards can have colored embossing, as known from credit cards, they can contain watermarks and other features that cannot be counterfeited, such as holograms or scratch fields. Holograms are embossed holograms that display a three-dimensional image even under normal lighting conditions. Identity cards for the credit industry have a signature field on the back of the card that must be signed with a ballpoint pen....

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