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ID1 card

ID1 cards are plastic cards with the size of 85.6 x 53.98 x 0.76 mm. These identity cards are standardized by the International Standards Organization( ISO) under ISO 7815, they are 0.76 mm thick and their corners are rounded with a radius of 3.18 mm.

The ID1 format is used for all plastic cards: magnetic cards, smart cards, chip cards, Subscriber Identity Modules( SIM), Universal Subscriber Identity Modules( USIM) and contactless chip cards such as the Close Coupling Integrated Chip Card( CICC), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card( PICC) and Vicinity Integrated Circuit Card ( VICC). ID1 cards are made of polyvinyl chloride( PVC), which is characterized by easy processing and high mechanical stress.

Comparison of ID000, ID00 and ID1 card sizes

Comparison of ID000, ID00 and ID1 card sizes

The ID1 format has an aspect ratio based on the golden ratio, which means a width to height ratio of 1.618:1. It is the most widely used card format.

Besides the standardized ID1 card, there are two larger card formats: the ID2 format and the ID3 format. And beyond that, two small formats as well: the ID00 format and the ID000 format.

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