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  1. The Jabber function is a procedure in Ethernet networks that prevents a station from occupying the transmission medium for an unacceptably long time. The Jabber function is part of the IEEE 802.3 standard and provides an interruption mechanism with which the transceiver is interrupted in the transmission process if it sends data on the cable for longer than 30 ms in succession or if the standard defined packet length of 1518 bytes is exceeded. At the same time as the interruption, SQE (Signal Quality Error) signals are sent to the terminal device, which cause the terminal device to terminate the data transfer.

  2. Jabber is also the name given to a malfunction in which a network component continuously transmits meaningless signals into the network.

  3. Jabber is also the name for an early real-time-based streaming protocol. The Jabber protocol was later standardized in modified form by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) under the name Extensible Messaging and Pres ence Protocol (XMPP), an extensible messaging and presence protocol described in RFCs 3920 to 3923.

  4. Jabber is also a chat service. Like I Seek You (ICQ) and MSN Messenger, it belongs to instant mess aging and supports chatting

    with friends and acquaintances. Unlike

    other chat services, it can be handled by different providers


    Jabber is an online service


    you can communicate with each other


    real time via text messages. You can determine whether a conversation partner is online or offline

    and contact

    them directly. As soon as a communication person joins the channel

    , this is shown to the conversation partner.
    Jabber client, screenshot: Cisco

    Jabber client, screenshot: Cisco

    Jabber users have a Jabber ID (JID), which is structured like an email address and consists of the user, server name, and top-level domain (TLD). This allows email addresses to be used directly as Jabber identifiers with some network operators. Communication can take place between two communication partners without others being able to view the communication, but several can also participate in the message exchange, which is then referred to as Multi User Chat (MUC).

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