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The English word chat means as much as chatting. A chat is a chit-chat, a chat room is a chit-chat corner. On the Internet, chat means live online communication with text messages between at least two participants, based on instant messaging.

A chat is an informal interconnection of participants, whereby they can document their opinions or experiences on certain topics in writing. The chatters, as the active chat participants are called, do not use their real names for communication, but work with freely invented nicknames. However, they should not violate the rules of conduct specified in the chatiquette. Moods and emotional states of the participants are mostly expressed by smileys, which replace gestures and facial expressions in the virtual world. The passive chat participants, who merely read the entries but do not make any contributions themselves, are the lurkers, the scouts.

Excerpts from the chat entries of

Excerpts from the chat entries of

In addition to the purely text-based chat, in which short texts are exchanged, there is also the video chat, which corresponds to an online telephone call with image transmission. The participants in the conversation see each other in real time and exchange information. Further technical development is leading to web conferencing, where many participants exchange their opinions and arguments.

Technically, a chat is a program for the bidirectional transmission of messages in peer-to-peer mode. Text messages are sent directly to the chat room, where they can be read directly by all chat participants logged in online. Chatters usually use chat slang for their communication with acronyms such as aka for" also known as", asap for "as soon as possible", btw for "by the way", F2F for" face to face", cu for "see you" or FYI for "for your information", to name a few. In addition to time-shifted chats, there are also live chats in which companies and users interact with each other.

Well-known application programs for chats are "I Seek You"( ICQ), MSN Messenger, Internet Relay Chat( IRC), which is provided via a server, Jabber and Instant Messaging( IM), which works client-side.

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