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Interface design is the design of the interface through which humans communicate and interact with a machine: Via the user interface. Interface design applies equally to all technical devices: Computers, home appliances, measuring devices, industrial machines, automobiles, mobile devices, telephones, remote controls, etc., all the way to websites.

Interface design is about designing and programming the interface to be user-friendly and easy to use. It should be self-explanatory and designed to be as efficient as possible, and its functionality should be based on the application. Therefore, the development process should be based on what is necessary and strike a reasonable balance between what is technically feasible and what is functionally useful. Not everything that is feasible is also useful.

Different user interfaces

Different user interfaces

Interface design is about the technical product responding and interacting with functions entered by humans and performing the tasks set. To improve usability, interface designers have developed color, graphical, voice, and gesture-driven user interfaces through which interactions and command inputs are made.

These include the text-based Character User Interface( CUI), the Graphical User Interface( GUI), the voice-controlled Voice User Interface(VUI), and the gesture-controlled Natural User Interface( NUI).

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