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As for the term user-friendliness, usability, in the context of, it is used wherever software developments, software ergonomics, the operation and navigation of application programs and their user interfaces, and the operation of systems, computers, and networks are concerned. Not to forget the usability of websites and navigating on the same.

The criteria for evaluating usability are as diverse as the application areas. It is about the layout of user interfaces and their arrangement and clarity, about intuitive, simple, logical usability, about typography and thus about the readability of user functions, about the traceability of actions, about data input, implementation, evaluation and data output.

When using a website, usability is about effective visitor guidance with the aim of providing the visitor with the desired information as quickly as possible or, as in e-business, leading the visitor to a conversion that is completed, for example, with a purchase in an online store. The better the user experience, the more likely a visitor will be to convert and the more products or services will be sold.

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