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iPhone operating system 9 (iOS9)

iOS 9 is an operating system for the iPhone and iPad as well as the iPod Touch and was introduced free of charge in the fall of 2015. A new feature is multitasking for the iPad to work with multiple applications at the same time. iOS 9's built-in apps also offer public transit information for select cities, a redesigned Notes app, and a News app for receiving news on iOS-enabled mobile devices.

Apple 's Siri voice technology also offers contextual reminders in iOS 9. Based on user behavior, apps or contacts are automatically suggested and the departure for an appointment is calculated taking into account the current traffic situation. Spoken search queries return results from several categories, including sports and schedules, videos and mathematical calculations.

Developer APIs include a GameplayKit and Model I/O for developing games, and a ReplayKit for recording a game. For the smart home, there are HomeKitprofiles for windows and shutters, motion sensors and alarms. CarPlay, which is wireless from iOS 9, allows car manufacturers to develop their own apps. The HealthKit health apps contain additional data points for further medical applications.

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