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frame relay forum (FRF)

The Frame Relay Forum(FRF) is an organization representing service providers, manufacturers and users. The Forum aims to increase the acceptance of Frame-Relay and to promote interoperability with the various national standards. Founded in 1991, the Forum is non-profit and has over 300 members worldwide.

Frame relay standards issued by the Frame Relay Forum include FRF.8, FRF.11 and the FRF.12.

FRF.8 addresses frame relay-to ATM service interworking. This agreement allows data exchange between frame relay and ATM regardless of the network protocol used.

FRF.11 contains the specifications for Voice over Frame Relay( VoFR). The specifications define the multiplexed data, voice, fax, and frame formats for signaling.

FRF.12 addresses fragmentation of long frames into smaller units and interleaving ofreal-time frames. This allows real-time voice data to be transmitted simultaneously with other data frames without significant delays in real-time transmission.

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