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fragment free technique

Like the cut-through method or the store-and-forward method, the fragment-free method is a switching method for forwarding data packets in networks. In the fragment-free method, the data packets arechecked for their total length.

For Ethernet, these have a minimum frame length of 64 bytes. This value is checked by the Fragment Free algorithm and if it does not fall below this value, the destination address is read from the Ethernet frame and the data packet is transmitted directly to the destination port without error correction. If the frame length is less than 64 bytes, the data packet is discarded, since it can be assumed that it is a fragment. Since a time window is waited for a possible collision in the destination segment, no collision can occur with this forwarding method.

Since no block check takes place with this switching and the frames are forwarded directly to the destination port, the fragment-free method works faster than the store-and-forward method.

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