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forward collision warning (automotive) (FCW)

Collision warning systems are called Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Collision Prevention Assist or Collision Avoidance System. They serve automotive safety and warn the driver of possible collisions with other motor vehicles. As a driver assistance system, they can also support or trigger the braking process.

Collision warning systems can use long-range radar, lasers or video cameras, one or the other of which is more or less weather-dependent. These systems are used to observe the road traffic ahead. If a possible collision object is detected, then they warn the driver visually, acoustically or haptically, or they intervene directly, without driver intervention, in the control of the vehicle or in its braking process, for example via the autonomous braking system. The collision system takes into account the speed and acceleration of other road users. The latter is determined by the change in object size.

Through the desired car-to-car communication, the braking signal can also be transmitted to following vehicles so that they can react to the braking process.

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