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floor distributor (wiring) (FD)

The floor distributor(EV) is the central switching point of the floor cabling. It forms the transition from the vertical to the horizontal indoor cable and the mechanical support point for the transmission media.

Cabling structure according to ISO/IEC 11801

Cabling structure according to ISO/IEC 11801

Floor distributors consist of patch fields and, if necessary, provide a conversion between different transmission media, e.g. between fiber optic cables(FOC) in the riser area of the building cabling and UTP cables or STP cables in the floor area. No more than 500 connections should converge on a single floor distributor; for higher numbers of connections, the floor distribution should be subdivided accordingly.

Subordinate distributors are also called intermediate distribution frames( IDF). They are connected in a star configuration to the Main Distribution Frame( MDF).

In fiber optic cabling systems, the floor distributor forms the fiber optic collection point(Gf- SP). At this collection point, the risers are distributed to the optical fibers, which lead to the optical fiber subscriber connection boxes (Gf- TA).

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