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interface device (IDF)

An interface device(IDF) is an interface device (IDF). It is hardware through which people can communicate with a phone or a computer, or through which various technologies - wireless and wired - and various media and services are adapted to the user or to another device.

According to the many application scenarios and uses, interface devices are about those for Human Computer Interface( HCI) or Human Machine Interface( HMI). Each device adaptation requires its own interface devices. For example, there is the Human Interface Device( HID) for input and output devices and the Chip Card Interface Device for chip card terminals. For audio technology there are again other interface devices, as well as for WLANs or for databases. The many different services such as Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-Wave, such as ISDN, Long Term Evolution( LTE) or the many others work with their own interface devices specially designed for the services.

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